Who we are:
We investigate the biology of biomolecular systems using theoretical and computational methods in atomic scales.
Aims of the Lab:
We have an inderdisciplinary program at the interface of biology, physics, chemistry, and computational sciences to tackle challenging problems related to human diseases. Our research lab is located at the Jupiter Research Triangle (Florida Atlantic University, Scripps Florida, and Max Planck Florida). We develop novel computational methods and models to study the properties of RNA, DNA, and protein molecules, and study how they interact with small molecules and ligands.

The lab actively collaborates with several experimental research groups to improve the quality of computational models describing RNA molecules such as Prof. Matthew D. Disney (Scripps FL), Prof. Matthew A. Fountain (SUNY Fredonia), Prof. Ryszard and Ela Kierzek (Polish Academy of Sciences). Other collaborators include Prof. David J. Wales (University of Cambridge), Prof. Serdal Kirmizialtin (NYU-Abu Dhabi), and Prof. Frederick D. Lewis (Northwestern).

Specific programs of current research include the study of RNA repeat expansions causing genetic diseases (Huntington's Disease, Myotonic Dystrophy, Fragile X-Syndrome), drug development for RNA-associated diseases, method development in the studies of challenging RNA systems, nucleosome and transcription factors, the study of microRNA molecules, and properties of exotic nucleic acid systems.

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