Graduate Curriculum

  • Computer assisted proofs in nonlinear dynamics , This was a graduate workshop taught by myslef and J.P. Lessard at the Institute for Applied mathematics and Systems (IIMAS) in the Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City, the first week of August 2018. Videos, slides and some notes are available on the course webpage (link above).
  • Ordinary Differential Equations (under development...), This is a course being developed by J.P. Lessard, J.B. van den Berg, K. Mischaikow,M. Gamiero, and myself. The goal of the course is to present basic theory, computational methods, and a-posteriori analysis for ordinaty differential equations in a unified way. Lecture notes for the course are under development. The course ran in the Spring of 2016 at FAU.

Current Courses at Florida Atlantic University

  • Engineering Mathematical I: (MAP 3305), Spring 2022 (Also taught in Fall 2020, Fall 2018, Spring 2015)
  • Modern Analysis: (MAA 4200), Spring 2022 (Also taught in Fall 2020, Fall 2017)

Past Courses Taught at Florida Atlantic University

Past Courses Taught at Rutgers University

    • Introduction to Computer Assisted Proof in Nonlinear Analysis (M495), Spring 2014.
    • Differential Equations for Engineering and Physics (M244), Fall 2013
    • Numerical Analysis, (M373), Fall 2013
    • Advanced Calculus II, Section 1 (M312), Spring 2013.
    • Differential Equations for Engineering and Physics, Sections 12-14 (M244), Fall 2012
    • Introductory Linear Algebra, Section 10 (M250), Fall 2012
    • Advanced Calculus I (M311), Spring 2012
    • Calculus I for the Mathematical and Physical Sciences,sections 23-25 (M151), Fall 2011
    • Elementary Partial Differential Equations (M423), Fall 2011
    • Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning (M300), Spring 2011
    • Calculus I for the Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Sections 13-15 (M151), Fall 2010

    Past Courses Taught (Instructor of Record) at The University of Texas at Austin

    • Foundations of Arithmetic (M316K), Fall 2008
    • Integral Calculus (M408L), Fall 2009