Emmanuel Fleurantin

About Me

I am a PhD student under the advisement of Dr. J.D. Mireles James and Dr. V. Naudot..

  • e-mailefleurantin2013@fau.edu
  • Research Interests
    • Dynamical Systems
    • Numerical Methods for ODEs and PDEs
    • Computation of Smooth Invariant Manifolds
    • Computer Assisted Proof in Dynamics


Florida Atlantic University (FAU)

2016-2020 (Expected) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Mathematics

Florida Atlantic University (FAU)

2016-2018 Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security

Florida Atlantic University (FAU)

2015-2018 Masters Degree (thesis option), Mathematics

Advisor: Dr. Jason Mireles-James.
Report title: On the study of the Aizawa system. Successful defense March 29, 2018.

Seminars, conferences or visits

Visit to Université Lille 1, Département Mathématiques Cité Scientifique, Villeneuve-d'Ascq, France

Dec 2018

Worked with Dr. Guoting Chen.

Coding Skills




  • Emmanuel Fleurantin, J.D. Mireles-James , Stable/Unstable Manifold Bubbles, Resonant Tori, and Torus-Chaos in the Aizawa System. (Submitted) (pdf here)

  • Catherine I. Berrouet, Jacob Nadulek, Emmanuel Fleurantin, Sunil Giri, Katarzyna A. Rejniak, Necibe Tuncer , A Mathematical Model Based on IC50 Curves To Predict Tumor Responses to Drugs, OURI FAU undergraduate journal Vol 7, pp. 18–32, Spring 2018 edition. (pdf here)